Preventative Therapy

Regular checkups and taking proper care of your teeth prevent future problems

We provide our patients with a range of preventative therapy services. These include the use of fissure sealants in children and fluoride applications. The fissure sealants are a treatment that involves placing a protective barrier over the grooves (fissures) on top of the molar teeth. By using this barrier, the places in your mouth that you find hard to brush are protected from potential cavities. The fluoride treatment involves your dentist applying a high concentration of fluoride (gel, foam, varnish) onto your teeth.  The  fluoride gets absorbed by your teeth and this results in a tooth structure that can resist decay as well as have the ability to repair initial damage from acids in the mouth. This is a great way to keep your mouth healthy and prevent future damage. Preventative therapy may save you having to undergo extensive treatment n the future.